Ballz and Wood Stoves.

08 Nov

I’ve got to admit, I made this blog several weeks ago. The intent was to start blogging about the MASSIVE amount of DIY jobs my husband and I have in our new (not so new, circa 1964) home.

This is her:

Since making said blog, we’ve done a few projects…yes. BUT, I’ve been a little scared to post any pictures or update. Mostly because:

A) Lazy.

B) Feels like it isn’t good enough.

C) Feels like my pictures aren’t good enough.


Recent revelation: Who gives a poo.


SO….here’s our first project.



The Wood Stove.

This was AFTER we had a huge gaping hole in our living room for nearly 3 months. As you know, all of our projects are paycheck by paycheck…and unfortunately, that concrete board is PRICEY.

Once that was up, we needed some tiles. Lucky, my daddy-0 had some super sweet granite tiles just lying around in his garage. (Seriously). We grabbed those, took a trip to Lowes and picked up a few smaller, beige tiles (33 cents a pop) and began our first tiling project:

This would be the practice run, prior to the grout. Mike wanted to make sure he had all his little ducks in a row.

Once that was complete, we moved onto the grouting. (Can you say filthy mess?)

Needless to say, it turned out GREAT!

Next up was the wood stove.

We have been so very lucky in the “gift giving” department these days. Along with the lovely granite hearth we installed for a total of $60.00 we were also gifted this little gem:

YEAH THAT’S RIGHT! A rusty stove. But you wanna know what? It was free…and there’s nothing this lady cannot fix up.

SOO, off to Lowes I went and picked up some of this:

Which was not cheap. Roughly $7 a can, but I knew I would need at least two.


After several days of sanding down the rust and then giving it a bubble bath (I also talked to it, whatev)…it was time to spray.

Nerves set in. This was it. This was the test. Would we have a decent stove sitting on our beautiful hearth, or a rusty piece of poo???

5 coats later….

Boom. Perfection.


Aaannnnddd that’s all you get folks.

Last week Mike and I found a really sweet lady up the road selling a crap ton of tiles for only 10 bucks. By Thursday evening, I’m hoping our back-wall-hearth-thingy will be tiled and ready for show!

Until then! xoxo



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    November 8, 2011 at 11:46 pm



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