Don’t Judge

09 Nov


Why do we always leave the master bedroom for the last house project? I always wondered this. Afterall, it’s where the magic’s the reason why you have a house’s the butter baby!

That’s why I’ve decided the bedroom needs to be the first project. Mike and I have shared a room for almost 8 years…and it’s always looked like poop. The anti of romance, the opposite of shmexy.

What I am about to show you, may blind you. It may cause trauma. It’s bad…



This would be where the lovers sleep. Yup. Purple walls, red curtains, tattered blankets. It’s gross. I know.

A ray of sunshine!

The one piece of the room that leaves hope for a new room! The dresser that Mike and I refurbished. We still have the head-board and mirror that goes over the dresser to paint….we’re trying!

The view from the window. Boring and poopy.


The wooden windows. Still contemplating if I should paint these along with the trim white to match our furniture.

Mike’s side table. I painted this nearly 9 years ago… It is complete with a cup (the cats refuse to drink out of anything else, wtf?), special rocks that Mike thinks cleanse the air, and his dads old clown penny bank that gives me nightmares.

Our super awesome, really crooked ceiling fan…that…apparently…I need to dust.


My super cool, overly stuffed-with-books, night stand that was found in our attic. (temporary score!) …and the drawer is broken. AND YES, that’s Vicks. I got the sick. 😦

My grammys rug…still contemplating if that should still be in here. The vacuum doesn’t like it much.

Fear not! I bought paint. This little gem would be call “Americana” in Olympic paint. It’s a bit more gray than this picture is showing. The idea is to paint the upper half of the walls this blue/gray and then we’ll have white bead board trim on the bottom half. Along with white trim, crown and the doors.


That would be 20 yards of upholstery fabric that I bought for…brace yourself…10 bucks.

I’ve been holding onto it, with the hopes of one day re-upholstering our couch and sofa chair..but it just so happened to match the wall color we bought. I think it’ll make great curtains. 😉 Now I just need to figure out how to use my sewing machine.


So there it is folks! The big “BEFORE” show. Hope you’re not dry heaving your lunch up.

Tonight, we begin taking stuff off the walls and filling in holes. Hoping to have the room done by next week. Stay posted!


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